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Developing new business fields to evolve into a general healthcare company

To achieve sustainable growth for the Group, we will work to not only strengthen our existing generic drug business but also foster new businesses. Our goal is to possess a strong presence and continue to contribute to people’s health by creating a world where more people can receive healthcare services and live a full life with peace of mind among society, and providing a multifaceted mix of products and services based on scientific evidence that meet individual needs.

Target business fields

Taking into consideration the ideas of contributing as a general healthcare group that provides healthy lives to the creation of a society with health longevity through pre-symptomatic approaches, preventive measures, and data health reforms, which the government is aiming for, and leveraging the knowledge and know-how we have acquired through our generic drug business over many years, we are targeting new businesses in the three fields of digital medical devices business, health food business, and orphan drug business.

In the digital medical devices business, in addition to a non-invasive neuromodulation device to indicate migraines and depression and personal health record (PHR) management app, we are undertaking joint development and have concluded a marketing license agreement with CureApp Inc. related to a non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) treatment app and are preparing clinical trials (phase 3).

Through the health food business, we will provide “foods with functional claims” that support the extension of healthy life expectancy in the life-style disease field, which the Group is particularly strong in. As for the orphan drug business, we are reinforcing our in-house evaluation system and examining the continuous expansion of our pipeline in order to offer new treatment opportunities for diseases lacking effective treatments.

Target business fieldsTarget business fields

Non-invasive neuromodulation device SWD001

Offering a new option for patients who suffer from migraines

In December 2022, Sawai Pharmaceutical applied for approval to manufacture and market SWD001, a medical device used to treat migraines during the acute phase, in Japan. This is a non-invasive neuromodulation device that controls pain by simultaneously stimulating the occipital nerve and trigeminal nerve.

Many Japanese suffer from migraines, and it is expected that the release of this device will increase the number of new treatment options for patients.

Future schedule
Future schedule


PHR management application SaluDi

Making health management more convenient and intelligent

Released by Sawai Pharmaceutical in October 2021, SaluDi is a personal health record (PHR) management app that makes it possible for people themselves to record and manage their daily state of health. In addition to offering integrated management by recording not only daily health data, such as blood pressure, weight, and body temperature, but also information on food eaten and medicines taken, the app makes it possible to provide telemedicine services and for users to receive dietary instructions by linking to medical facility systems. We will promote its use by local governments, companies, and regional health information networks.

PHR management application SaluDi

PhotoLeveraging SaluDi to create a society with health longevity
Digital First Section Manager
Planning Department, Yabu City
Hiromichi Adachi
As Japan’s declining population weakens the foundation of mutual support in local communities, we hope that SaluDi can be used to revitalize these communities, such as strengthening bonds between residents and society. We also want to raise health awareness among individual residents and tie that to the realization of a society with health longevity and healthy aging.

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