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Sawai Group has drawn up a vision for the future that we want to aim for by FY2030, "Sawai Group Vision 2030," and we have formulated a new medium-term management plan, "START 2024," for the first three years toward realizing that vision.
* Announced on May, 2021

Sawai Group Holdings established its corporate philosophy of “Always putting healthier lives first,” which will be our guide for what we exist for, how we work and where we are heading. Also, we have set and will aim to realize our ultimate objective of "realizing a sustainable society through the generics business" and "contributing to the extension of healthy lifespans through new businesses."

Always putting healthier
lives first

Working to resolve social issues
through Sawai Group businesses
Realizing a sustainable society through the generics business
Contributing to the extension of healthy lifespans through new businesses

We will strive to contribute to the health of as many people as possible as a healthcare corporate group developing sustainably alongside society, with the generic drugs as our core business.

Our Long-term Vision,
“Sawai Group Vision 2030”

To create a world where more people can receive healthcare services and live a full life with peace of mind, we strive to become a company that continues contributing to people's health by providing products and services based on scientific evidence that meet individual needs.

Sawai GroupVision 2030

  • The World We Want to Build

    A world where more people can receive healthcare services and live a full life with peace of mind among society

  • Our Ideal State

    A company with a strong presence that continues to contribute to people's health by providing a multifaceted mix of products and services based on scientific evidence that meet individual needs

Business Development

We will take on the challenges of new businesses with the generics business as our core. As a leading company in the primary care field of generics, we aim to provide a wide range of options ranging from prevention to treatment, not limited to drug therapy. We will also enter the new drug development business in the rare diseases field in order to provide unprecedented treatment opportunities.

Business Development

Quantitative Targets

Targets and Prerequisite Values

As of
under Vision
Revenue 153.6 billion yen 260 billion yen
13.3 billion
20 billion
Share of
15.7% 20.0% or more
15.5 billion
23 billion
or more
Revenue 80 billion yen
Revenue 33.6 billion yen 60 billion yen
Total revenue 187.2 billion yen 400 billion yen
ROE 5.8% 10% or more

In the Japanese business, we aim to achieve a generics market share of 20% or more. With a production capacity of more than 23 billion tablets, we strive to fulfill our social responsibilities as an indispensable company and as a pharmaceutical social infrastructure company, selling 20 billion tablets annually, which is the number 1 sales volume among all pharmaceutical manufacturers in Japan.

Medium-Term Business Plan,
“START 2024”

Three Categories for Growth 2024 Onward

  • Generics business

    1 Expanding share in the Japanese generics market

    • • Increasing sales of new products
    • • Strengthening stable supply capabilities

    2 Business investment for future growth in the US

  • Entry into new businesses

    3 Cultivating new growth areas

    • • Digital medical devices business
    • • Orphan drug business
    • • Health food business

(1) Expanding Generics Market Share in Japan

Increasing Sales of New Products

Planning for launch of over 85 products in the next three years.
Going forward, we will continue to outperform industry peers through our strategy of leveraging our intellectual property strengths and aiming to expand profits in the generics business in Japan as a whole.

●New product launch plan

FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Number of ingredients 14 11 14
Number of products 32 27 26
Original drug market
(billions of yen)
250.7 288.0 274.4

Strengthening Stable Supply Capabilities

Aiming to further improve supply capacity by taking all reasonable measures in anticipation of industry reorganization and consolidation, e.g. building new factories, acquiring factories, securing high-quality production contractors.

(2) Business investment for future growth in the US business

Planning upfront investment in facilities and R&D etc. for improving profitability in the future during the three year period ending in FY2023, aiming for growth from 2024 onward.

Future earnings image

(3) Cultivating New Growth Areas

Sawai Group will aggressively invest in growth opportunities other than generics and boldly take on the challenge of new businesses that can leverage the strengths we’ve cultivated in our existing business. In particular, we will focus on investing a total of 30 billion yen over the next three years in the three areas of new drugs targeting orphan diseases, digital medical devices, and health foods.

Speciality Drugs

  • New drug businesses

  • Orphan diseases
    (e.g. ALS)

Primary Care

  • Digital medical devices business

  • Depression/psychosis

  • Diabetes/lifestyle-related
    disease management

  • Health food business

  • Pre-symptomatic illness

  • Longer healthy lifespans

Initiatives Resolving
Social Issues

With Sustainable Development Goal 3, which is, "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages," as our priority goal, we will promote initiatives toward environment, society, and governance.

Issues to Address and Targets (quantitative/etc.)

Through our business activities to date, we have contributed to a reduction in medical expenses of nearly JPY300 billion per year by continuing to offer a stable supply of generics drugs in response to the social issue of increasing medical expenses. We will continue to realize a sustainable social security system and improve healthcare access, targeting healthcare cost savings equivalent to approximately twice the sales of the generic pharmaceuticals business in Japan and the United States. In addition, we will expand our business beyond the generic drug business to a broader healthcare field that includes both pre-symptomatic illness and prevention, thereby contributing to the extension of healthy lifespans.

Main businesses

1) Contributing to sustainable social security systems and improved access to healthcare (medical cost savings using generics)

Achieving medical cost savings impact of approx.2x of Japan & US generics business sales

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being
SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

2) Contributing to longer healthy life spans through new businesses

Expanding business to a wider range of healthcare domains, including pre-symptomatic illness and prevention

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being
SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Relationships with stakeholders

3) E:Environmentally friendly production

Reduce CO2 emissions by 46% in FY2030 on a gross volume basis (based on FY 2013 emissions +α)

Net zero CO2 emissions by 2050

Waste plastic recycling rate of 65% or more (in 2030)

SDG 13: Climate Action

4) S:Talent development, work styles/motivation, respect for human rights

Safe and diverse work environment

Promotion of diversity

Initiatives for respect of human rights

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

5) G:Deepening corporate governance

Improvement and deepening of governance
through conversion to holding company structure

Stronger risk management/compliance

SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals

For details of the Long-Term Vision and Medium-Term Management Plan, visit here.

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