Key Policies and PhilosophiesKey Sustainability Policies

At the Sawai Group, we engage in business activities based on the following philosophies and key policies related to the sustainability of society and of the Sawai Group.

Basic philosophies

  1. At the Sawai Group, we believe that a healthy society and its sustainable development are the foundation of why we exist.
  2. The Sawai Group can only be sustainable if it is recognized as an entity (in other words, an institution of our society) necessary for the realization of a sustainable society, and if it maintains a firm relationship of trust with all our stakeholders.
  3. As our society changes, the Sawai Group can continue to exist in a sustainable way by rapidly responding to these social changes and by continuing to evolve.

Key policies

  1. Based on our corporate philosophy of “Always putting healthier lives first,” we strive to do our part in realizing a sustainable society through our business, by contributing to the maintenance and development of healthy lives and superb healthcare systems.
  2. We endeavor to stay engaged (building bonds of mutual trust) with all our stakeholders including patients and consumers, healthcare professionals such as medical institutions, business partners, employees, shareholders, local communities, and the global environment.
  3. We pursue creativity and constantly evolve along with society, so that the Sawai Group can remain sustainable.

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