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Mitsuo Sawai

On April 1, 2021, Sawai Pharmaceutical transitioned to a holding company named "Sawai Group Holdings" and took a new step forward.

The environment surrounding domestic pharmaceutical companies is expected to be increasingly difficult due to strengthened regulations, intensified competition, and the impact of the National Health Insurance (NHI) drug price system; however, this doesn’t mean every pharmaceutical company will be adversely affected. We believe that an era of bipolarization is coming, where some companies will continue to grow in the harsh environment, as they anticipate changes and take new actions, while those that are unable or unwilling to respond to changes will falter. We plan to be an example of the former.

Shifting to a holding company structure is how we feel we can most appropriately and effectively respond to these major changes in the business environment.

The purposes of the transition to a holding company structure are:

  • To further strengthen the generics drug business, our core business, including accelerating strategic alliances.
  • To further reinforce its governance system and facilitate rapid and efficient execution of operations.
  • To build a system for promptly developing new businesses and to develop personnel to manage the group.

Another important issue we will address is the strengthening of sustainability initiatives, which are becoming more important across the world. In response, as a prerequisite for realizing "healthier lives,” the Sawai Group is increasing its efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a way that is unique to the Sawai Group.

We will strive to meet the expectations of our stakeholders including shareholders by bringing together the strengths of all employees of Sawai Group Holdings.

Sawai Group Holdings' corporate philosophy is "Always putting healthier lives first".

While the corporate philosophy of Sawai Pharmaceutical, now a Sawai Group Holdings subsidiary, has been "Always putting patients first," for Sawai Group Holdings, we have deliberately chosen the phrase "healthier lives," which we believe to be more inclusive. This new expansive philosophy also reflects the broad range of businesses that Sawai Group Holdings hopes to develop in the future.

Not only are we committed to making efforts to contribute to the health of as many people as possible, but as a healthcare company we will continue to grow together with society, while continuing to focus on the generic pharmaceutical business.

Mitsuo Sawai