Message from the CEO

Mitsuo Sawai

We will continue our unremitting efforts to realize our corporate philosophy and meet people’s expectations.

Generic drugs have now become an essential part of medical infrastructure with an extremely high degree of publicness.

We in the Sawai Group believe that the most significant contributions we can make to society through our core business, that is, the provision of generic drugs, are providing patients with better access to healthcare and making national medical finance sustainable. We also recognize that the value of our existence lies there.

In response to the recent short supply of generic drugs triggered by some generic drug manufacturers’ violations against good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations, we have made efforts to ensure that our stakeholders, including patients and medical professionals, can use our products without concern. For example, we have worked to secure high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), recruit and develop human resources especially for production, introduce energy-saving and low-carbon manufacturing equipment, and create a healthy workplace environment. These efforts of ours are closely related to our sustainability initiatives.

In particular, we view securing and developing human resources as an important issue we must solve to ensure a stable supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals.

The Sawai Group’s corporate philosophy, “Always putting healthier lives first,” embodies our desire to contribute to the better health of as many people as possible as a healthcare corporate group which develops sustainably alongside society, with the generic drugs business as our core business. To fulfill this desire, we hope to make a serious commitment to the theme of the promotion of sustainability. Our Group Sustainability Committee and Board of Directors have regular discussions about our responses to climate change, the promotion of diversity and inclusion, the enhancement of corporate governance, and other issues.

From now on as well, we will unite the capabilities of all our employees to realize our corporate philosophy. We will tackle the challenge of sincerely meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders while continuing our unremitting efforts to pursue creativity and constantly evolve together with society.

June 2024
Mitsuo Sawai
Representative Director, Chairman and President
Group CEO and Group COO

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